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Acme’s Institutional Fleet Leasing experts offer a single source for acquisition, management, maintenance, fuel management, and driver efficiency programs. Specializing in supporting diverse, multi-purpose institutions, Acme has a long history of meeting ever-adapting needs, ranging from economic to such as colleges, schools, athletic teams, hospitals, non-profit organizations, state governments, municipalities, to multi-state non-governmental institutions.

Vehicle Acquisitions, Finance, Logistics and Maintenance

Whether serving seasonal needs, emergency management organizations with specialized vehicles or upfitted vehicles for passengers with physical disadvantages, Acme encompasses all contingencies to structure and deliver cost-effective solutions.

What is the ACME Advantage?

  • Acme assumes all risk on our leases
  • Lower Fleet Acquisition Costs to YOU
  • Predictable & Affordable Fleet Maintenance Plans
  • Cost Control and Increased Efficiencies for our clients allows Acme to offer lower payment options
Most Fleet leasing companies are set up as cost conduits which simply add their management fees on a per transaction basis. Having a business partner like Acme Auto Leasing, committed to lowering your costs as their primary source of income, That’s the Acme Advantage. Put Acme’s experience to work for you! A team of Automotive Professionals, with over 250 years automotive experience and knowledge and trained to satisfy the most sophisticated, demanding customer in the world. Choose the Acme Advantage to solve your transportation needs.

Institutional Clients

  • Baruch College
  • Auburn University
  • University of Texas
  • Peace Corp
  • SUNY
  • Republican National Committee
  • University of Georgia
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For more information on the Institutional Leasing, contact Acme Auto Leasing today at 800-242-7767.
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