Uber, Lyft, Livery and Taxi Vehicles

Acme Auto Leasing offers a wide variety of vehicle choices to fit your Uber, Lyft, livery and taxi needs. From the 15 passenger Transit to the Nissan NV to the the Camry Hybrid, we can get you working in the vehicle you need. We even offer mobility vehicles in our lease packages.
Acme offers a wide range of lease options to fit your needs that include:
  • Short Term Rentals that can get you working fast.
  • Open-ended leases (buy-out leases) with varying terms,
    payments and balloon prices
  • Closed-end leases with no back end residual risk.
With any option you select, we can work with you to find a payment structure that is best for you. Let us show you how much more profitable your business can become with Acme Auto Leasing as a partner.

Call Acme at 800-242-7767 and ask for a Uber Rental Specialist.

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For information on configuration, pricing and delivery of any of our livery vehicles, call Acme Auto Leasing today at 800-242-7767 and ask for a Uber Rental Specialist.
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